Ever Listen to the Paleo Diet, Read the Information Here

Paleo diet or can be called caveman diet, is one method of diet that adopts the diet of cavemen prehistoric times of the paleolithic era. Then, why are cavemen used as models to go on a diet? Cavemen are used as dietary references because they are considered to have a diet that is in accordance with the basic design of the human body. Therefore, the food sources in this diet are made as closely as possible to those consumed by cavemen. Paleo diet is believed to be able to improve health as expressed in several clinical trials, namely to reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes. The results of several clinical trials also state that this diet is useful to help you lose weight, reduce acne, improve overall health and performance athletic body. Types of Food in the Paleo Diet Foods that are recommended for consumption according to this diet are foods that are obtained by cavemen by hunting, fishing, or found in nature. In general, these foods are meat, fish, veg
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